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Injustice: Year Two - “Chapter 13”

written by Tom Taylor
art by Bruno Redondo

That’s incredibly sad…

Holy shit, Harley…

I’m sobbing

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doctor who | text posts

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Everybody has a secret

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if you’re a s t r o n g f e m a l e you don’t need permission

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she put up a video of her telling miyah that she thinks she’s very pretty without the wig too and that playing dress up is fun but to promise to stay in school

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I will always find you.

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FUN STORY: my grandma lives in a city that was currently taken over by drug dealers and gangs and it’s now divided in two and my grandma is the oNLY CITIZEN IN THE WHOLE CITY who can go walking freely through both sides of the town because she used to do community work and feed the poor kids and those gang members were all fed by her so they let her come and go as she wants SO WHAT WE LEARN TODAY IS TO BE FUCKING NICE TO KIDS BC U MIGHT BE DEALING W FUTURE GANG MEMBERS

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"pizza is great but I can’t stand the crust"


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I’m walking everywhere like this from now on.